Now that classes have started, I think I should make a post about what I’m studying since that is the whole point of the trip. I definitely forgot the importance of the *study* component of studying abroad. Because it’s a six-week program, classes move at twice the pace of a normal semester, so it is not unusual to have 50-70 pages of reading for my contemporary Korean society class as well as studying for my Korean language class. Both of the classes have been challenging so far, but I am learning a lot, so it’s worth it! The beautiful stone buildings definitely add to the experience 🙂

My professors are SO. COOL. In my contemporary Korean society class, the professor has lived and worked in Korea as an expat for the past 40 years, so she has personally experienced the societal changes that we are studying. Korea has a long and fascinating history and learning about how the explosive economic growth of the last few decades affects social change has been incredible.  As for my Korean language class, the professor is really challenging us with new vocabulary and grammar points, even on subjects that we all thought we were well-versed in. Because it’s a discussion and practice-based class, I am seriously improving my conversational skills. Although, as an introvert, it takes a while after class for my blood pressure to return to normal…

The university also offers cultural enrichment activities every Friday for its International Summer Campus students. For example, tomorrow I will be learning a K-pop dance routine and performing it live for a student flash mob. Wish me luck!