Quarantine in Seoul

After several COVID tests required to board the plane and get through customs, I have finally made it! Upon arrival to South Korea, we are required to quarantine at a facility for two weeks as well as check-in twice daily on the government quarantine app with our temperature and any symptoms. Apologies for the dirty window, but the picture below is the view from the dorm in Seoul, my new home for the next two weeks.

EPIK teachers were assigned to dorms at Konkuk University, where staff delivers meals 3 times per day, and an intercom system announces daily temperature checks and the mandatory COVID tests. We’ve taken to calling her “Wendy” in the KakaoTalk group chat, and she (with the system of CCTV cameras) is quite the jailor. A few days ago, someone left their room and an announcement came over the intercom saying “Attention. Someone on the 10th floor has been caught in an unauthorized escape attempt. Please return.” The workers in full hazmat suits make me feel like I’m Boo from Monster’s Inc., but I’m glad that the government here is taking COVID seriously.

They provided us with a box of towels, toiletries, trash bags, a kettle, instant coffee, a mug, a landline phone, two boxes of cup noodles, and bran cereal. The room itself is nicer than many dorms I’ve seen, but I’m ready for a long walk outside after being cooped up for a week already.